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The Mystique, Mystery, Magic, or Marvel of Models

Case In Point - Predicting Ground Water Contamination Nitrate-Nitrogen and Our Health

About the Author

James W. Bauder
Soil and Water Quality Specialist, Montana State University

Jim Bauder Dr.. James (Jim) W. Bauder is an Extension Soil and Water Quality Specialist at Montana State University. He holds an academic appointment of Professor of Soil Science in the Department of Plant, Soil and Environmental Sciences, where he has been employed since 1980. Dr. Bauder previously worked for the Extension Service and Agricultural Colleges of the University of Minnesota and North Dakota State University. He completed his graduate work toward a Ph.D. in Soil Physics from Utah State University (1974) and a M.S. degree in Watershed Science from the University of Massachusetts School of Forestry (71). His primary job responsibility is assessment, evaluation, and characterization of impact of large-scale land use practices on soil and water quality. He is an active applied research scientist and teacher of soil science and water quality utilizing distant delivery techniques of the NTEN program (National Teacher Enhancement Network) at Montana State University. Applications and statistical modeling of nitrate-nitrogen in ground water are two of his favorite research pastimes.

Water quality has been much of the focus of Dr. Bauder's Extension and applied research program during the past 25 years. He was instrumental in the initial development of the Conservation Technology (Tillage) Information Center, a national information center and clearing house for soil and water conservation technology. And has been an active member and contributor to the Soil Science Society of America, the American Society of Agronomy, and the Soil and Water Conservation Society of America. He has been recognized for his contributions to soil and water conservation by election as Fellow to both the Soil Science Society of America and the American Society of Agronomy.

In addition to developing resource materials for 4-H, youth and adult environmental education programs and teacher education, Dr. Bauder maintains an active program of distant delivery teaching and outreach, including science teacher workshops, seminars, and two on-line inservice graduate courses for science teachers: Water Quality for Science Teachers and The ADirty Dozen@ - Twelve Lessons in Soil Science. Both of these course are taught as part of the Montana State University Burns Telecommunications Center program known as NTEN - the National Teacher Enhancement Network. Dr. Bauder also serves on the review and graduate advisory board for the Master of Science in Science Education program at Montana State University, in addition to directing a graduate student advising program of his own applied research in soil and water quality.

Dr. Bauder can be reached electronically by EMAIL at ACXYJB@MONTANA.EDU.

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