Access Excellence
presents an online seminar for
Brain Awareness Week

Another Day, Another Neuron
on the topic of becoming a neuroscientist
Dr. Eric H. Chudler
University of Washington Seattle
Creator of the Neuroscience for Kids website

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Science Seminars are monthly opportunities for updates on topics related to the teaching and learning of the biological sciences. The seminars are designed by teams of Genentech scientists and other experts to provide you with current science research information and an opportunity to interact with the teaching team and other participants interested in the topic.

A new seminar starts with a background paper about the topic. This paper is the core of the seminar discussion. In addition, a new discussion focus is generated weekly by the teaching team. Focus discussions are designed to add depth to the topic and stimulate interaction. In addition to participating in the focus discussions, you are also able to send a private message to the teaching team and obtain a response.

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