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Emerging Diseases

  • Background Paper on Emerging Diseases This paper is the core of the seminar discussion.

  • Meet Don Francis: Obtain biographical information about the current seminar author.

  • Genentech Connection: Here you can get information on current Genentech research related to this topic.

  • Who's in the Current Seminar: A display of brief information about others participating in the seminar.

  • Resources:A list of resources, both in print and on the World Wide Web, which relate to the topic of Emerging Diseases.

  • The Science Seminar Discussion: Join the Science Seminar discussion in the Access Excellence Message Boards. Discussions are the heart of the seminar. It is in this area that you have the opportunity to interact with scientists and teachers regarding a specific seminar topic.

  • Suggestion Box: A place to leave yo ur suggestions on the seminar format, ideas for future topics, or other feedback for the Access Excellence team.

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