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Microbial Fermentations:
Changed The Course Of
Human History

Meet Christine Case, Ed.D.

Christine L. Case, Ed.D (right)

Hi, My name is Christine Case. I earned my BA and MA in Microbiology from San Francisco State University (SFSU) and my Ed.D. from Nova Southeastern University. I always liked nature and science and especially enjoyed my first course in microbiology. Playing medical detective and identifying those unknowns was exciting and challenging. However, I wasn't sure I could suppress my love of the outdoors for eight hours every day to work in a clinical lab. Happily, two professors at SFSU showed me that I could combine my interest in the environment and microbiology. Dr. Katherine Middleton Brock and Dr. Hideo Yonenaka.

My first job in science was looking for antimicrobial activity in plant chemicals at the USDA-Western Regional Research Lab. I had the good fortune to work with top-notch scientists including Dr. Leo Kline during his discovery of Lactobacillus sanfrancisco (sour dough bread). Although I enjoyed that job and learned a great deal...I knew I wanted to teach.

I accepted a position at Skyline College and have been there for 25 years. I teach a variety of courses including general biology for nonmajors, cell biology for majors, and microbiology for allied health students. Part of my job is to adapt current technology such as PCR, fermentation, and bioremediation to these teaching labs. I have also taught nature study and field biology. The high point of the field class is climbing Mt. Whitney. I have also have co-authored two microbiology textbooks.

My husband, Don, is a geologist who has endured many hours of listening to microbiologic data. We are able to combine our interests in geomicrobiology. We are very proud of our three children, Daniel, Jonathan, and Andrea. In my spare time I enjoy the outdoors-on a bike, in hiking boots, or in SCUBA gear.

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