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Headline News! Leeches

Miss Heidi H. Haugen
Access Excellence - Genentech

Your group will be designing, editing, and publishing an educaitonal newspaper on leeches. While designing your news publication, keep in mind columns that you would see in a daily newspaper. For example, the front page may have the "headline" news stories. The inner sections may incorporate local and world news, weather and sports, business, television, and comics. Don't forget the advertisements!

Your task is to utilize the reference books provided, encyclopedias, pamphlets, and additional resources to research the history of leeches and current information on leeches so as to incorporate this in your publication.

Did You Know?

  • Leeches were used to draw blood in the Far East hundreds of years before traders brought knowledge of this method to Europe.

  • During the nineteenth century, pharmacists and physicians kept leeches in decorative jars with tiny air holes in the lids.

  • At one point, medicinal leeches were in such high demand that they nearly became extinct.

  • In the past, women and children were paid to wade barelegged into ponds to gather leeches for use in medicine.
Those Amazing Leeches, Cheryl Mays Halton (Dillon Press, 1989)

As a team, decide on the name for your publication. Next, decide who will be publisher, reporter, editor, and illustrator (see the job descriptions below). The deadline for your publication will be set by your teacher.

Job Descriptions


Ultimately, this person is responsible for the team and the completed project. The Publisher is responsible for keeping team members on task and working towards their daily goals. Publishers locate and gather materials and equipment needed and/or delegate responsibilities as needed. Publishers will act as an assistant/supervisor to the Reporter, Illustrator, and Editor. Publishers report directly to the Chief Executive Officer (teacher) as their team's spokesperson.


This person is responsible for obtaining and researching resources including books, magazine articles, encyclopedias, etc. The Reporter acts as an assistant to the Editor.


This person is responsible for the layout and design of the project and for oveall visual appeal and educational information presented. The Illustrator will be responsible for making sure that there are both black and white and color "photos" in the newspaper. The Illustrator will supervise all lettering, illustrations, and sketches. the Illustrator will also work with the Reporter to ensure that the "photos" and stories correspond to each other.


This person is responsible for the written content in the newspaper. The Editor should proofread all materials and articles to ensure correct spelling, grammar, word usage, etc. the Editor works with teh Illustrator and the Reporter to layout the newspaper for the final publication. This person is responsible to keep all rough draft and working copies of the materials to be submitted.

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