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Who's in the Current Seminar

Participants for "How to Fix An Eye " seminar
as of: June 7, 1995

Sarah Stine
Chamblee, GA

Valerie Mertz
Chesterfield, Missouri
Biology and A.P. biology
My first year with AP is over. It was fun, hard work, and a priviledge to teach such fine students. Now I can get back into cyber space!

Pamela S. Duncan
Woodstock, Illinois
AP Biology; Physics; Math
To think and to dream are necessities of life.

Karen Goldman
Fairfax, CA
AP Biology, Physiology, Integrated Sci.
I'm always looking for new ways and/or new info. to present to my students.

Jeff Weld
Pella, Iowa
Biology, Anatomy/Physiology
I'm here to learn.

Peggy Walker
Wilmington, NC
Biology, AP Biology, Anatomy &Physio.
I was in Society for Neuroscience/NABT workshop,July 1992.

Dr. Larry Pomeroy
Riverside, CA
Integrated Biology and Physics (high school)
My philosophy: "Each day is a learning adventure."

David Crissman
Santa Clarita, Calif.
Biology, Advanced Biology

Jerry Jensen
Luverne, MN
Biology/Adv. Biology
May- busy, busy, busy!

Randall E. Raymond
Detroit, MI
Biology, Chemistry, Urban Environmental Education in Detroit
Glad to be involved in a new adventure.

Janis Lariviere
Austin, Texas
all sciences
I teach students "at risk" of not finishing high school.

Barbara Berthelsen
Ray, MIchigan
h.s. general biology, ap biology
always ready to learn something new.

Betty Carvellas
Colchester, Vermont
Biology, Science and Society
I am particularly interested in diabetic retinopathy.

Donna Cates@aol.com
Newnan, GA
Biology, AP Biology

Allison Syren
El Cerrito, CA
Human Phsyiology, AP Biology
Only 11 more days until summer vacation!!!

Judy Williams
Central City, NE
Biology, Adv. Bio., Applied Bio.
Having a busy summer and enjoying it all!

Bob Melton
Oklahoma City, OK
Science Curriculum Coordinator
I've been interested in neuroscience topics for quite some time. It is always interesting

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