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Jon Fiorella

SciTalk Host

Jon Fiorella (AE '96) has been teaching science for thirty years, the last twenty-eight of which have been at Fox Lane High School in Bedford, New York. Jon has special interests in Bioethics and in Aeroallergen Research (for which he has hosted previous SciTalks archived here). Along the way, he has taken a sabbatical leave to research materials for teaching high school bioethics as a Visiting Scholar at the Hastings Center. He says that these experiences raised his teaching several levels, and as a proactive educator he convinced his school board to approve a Bioethics course at his high school, essentially the same course he has taught at Marymount College in Tarrytown, New York for the past several years. He has also worked on aeroallergen research with Dr. Kira Geraci since 1989 at a research station certified by the AAAAI located at the Calder Ecology Center, which is run by Fordham University in Westchester County, New York. This spring he brings to us a colleague, Dr. Arthur Eisenkraft, who has earned a national reputation as a science educator. Jon pointed out to the SciTalk coordinator that many of our colleagues are uncomfortable applying for and competing in science-based competitions whether for the teacher and/or the student. He hopes that Dr. Eisenkraft will convince you all of the value of shared learning and teamwork in developing a sense of the process of science and raising critical thinking skills in our students. All too often we do not get to think about thinking about science, and science competitions help to validate that aspect of science process.


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