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Regulation of Gene Expression: Building Transcriptional Regulatory Complexes

Host: Gail Tucker
Presenter: Karen Lee LaMarco, Ph.D.


Regarding her SciTalk topic, Dr. LaMarco's research has focused on the identification, purification, and cloning of genes encoding a heterotetrameric transcription factor that can regulate transcription of HSV immediate early genes and interferon-inducible genes. Her publications on this work and some of her other relevant work include:

    1.) LaMarco, K., and Schinski, E. Evaluation of qualitative and quantitative PCR protocols for the detection of CMV DNA in plasma from heart transplant patients, J. Clin. Microbiol. (1998), in press.

    2.) LaMarco, K. First Word: Unriddling the cat, Exploring Magazine, 20 (4), p.2 (Winter 1996-97) (The Exploratorium Publications, San Francisco, CA).

    3.) Wilson, A.C., Cleary, M.A., Lai, J.-S., LaMarco, K.L., Peterson, M.G., and Herr, W. Combinatorial control of transcription: the herpes simplex virus VP16-induced complex, in CSHSQB (1993).

    4.) Triezenberg, S.J., LaMarco, K.L., and McKnight, S.L. Evidence of DNA:protein interactions that mediate HSV-1 immediate early gene activation by VP16, Genes and Development. 2, 801 (1988).

    5.) Vinson, C.R., LaMarco, K.L., Johnson, P.F., Landschulz, W.H., and McKnight, S.L. In situ detection of a sequence-specific DNA binding activity specified by a recombinant bacteriophage, Genes and Development. 2, 801-806 (1988).

    6.) LaMarco, K.L. and McKnight, S.L. Purification of a set of cellular polypeptides that binds to the GA-rich regulatory element of Herpes virus immediate early genes, Genes and Development. 3, 1372-1383 (1989).

    7.) LaMarco, K.L., Thompson, C., Byers, B., Walton, E., and McKnight, S.L. Identification of Ets- and Notch- related subunits in GA binding protein, Science. 253, 789-792 (1991).

    8.) Wilson, A.C., LaMarco, K.L., Peterson, M.G., and Herr, W. The VP16 accessory protein HCF is a family of polypeptides processed from a large precursor protein, Cell. 74, 115-125 (1993). ????? is this one about gene regulatory mechanisms?

    9.) LaMarco, K.L. Dissecting a complex process (commentary), Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 91, 2886-2887 (1994).

    10.) Wu, P., Sarkiz, D.I., LaMarco, K., and Strulovici, B. An automated high throughput filtration assay: application to polymerase inhibitor identification, Anal. Biochem. 245, 226-230 (1997).

    11.) Remaley, A.T. and LaMarco, K.L. Atypical phenylketonuria: a dihydropteridine reductase deficiency, in Clinical Studies in Medical Biochemistry, 147-154, eds, R.H. Glew and S.P. Peters, Oxford University Press (1987).

    12.) LaMarco K.L. and Vivanco, M.d.M. "Steroid hormone and nuclear receptors", in Modular Texts in Molecular Biology: Signal Transduction (Chapman and Hall, London, 1996) pp. 305-320.

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