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Lydiane (Ann) Kyte, Presenter

Lydiane (Ann) Kyte holds a B.S. degree in botany from the University of Washington. After serving as Superintendent of plug seedling greenhouses for Weyerhaeuser Co., she developed the plant tissue culture program of B hobby turned into a successful tissue cultured berry business with the help of husband Bob and a modest laboratory.

Ann and Bob served as volunteer consultants to tissue culture laboratories in Brazil and Egypt. In Brazil they were called in to provide advice for a two million dollar tissue culture lab which had some business problems.In Egypt they helped plan and start up an elaborate lab. This lab was sponsored by an agribusiness so had well established business structure and a built-in market for its products.

With some persuasion she shared her expertise in the book, Plants from Test Tubes: An Introduction to Micropropagation,currently in its third edition.(Timber Press, 1996 $29.95).

In addition to being a tissue culture expert, Ann is a Master Gardener. She tends a large garden and reads extensively in biotechnology news.


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