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Kathy Liu, Host
E-mail: kathyliu@ix.netcom.com

Kathy Liu, Ann's daughter, is retired from teaching but continues to work with Access Excellence. As a graduate student in botany, she used tissue cultured plants to study plant fungal infections. Although she never used tissue culture with her own students she provided suggestions, and support for others to do so. Kathy, along with Sue Black and Stan Ogren founded The Gene Connection, San Mateo County (CA) biotechnology education partnership in 1990. This partnership continues to provide everything (equipment, supplies, reagents, training and technical support) for high school classes to work with DNA. Labs supported by this program include transformation, DNA isolation, DNA fingerprinting simulation, and others. The Gene Connection now serves all 21 public high schools in San Mateo County plus several private schools and two of the three community colleges. Kathy has been a teacher consultant with Access Excellence since its inception.


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