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The Decline of the Coral Reef--Coral Bleaching and Diseases with Dr. Garriet W. Smith

Host: Barbara Kolb
Discussion: SciTalk 6: Coral Reef Destruction

Presenter: Dr. Garriet W. Smith

Department of Biology and Geology, Univ. of South Carolina-Aiken Belle W. Baruch Institute for Marine Biology and Coastal Research Department of Marine Sciences; School of he Environment; Univ. South Carolina-Columbia, S.C.

Dr. Garriet Smith is shown here with Alan Alda in a photo taken in St.John early this year. They were filming a Scientific American Frontiers program on corals, to air in November, 1998.

"I am a South Carolina native. I grew up, as a child, in Charleston where I first became interested in the ocean. I also liked music though, and played guitar with a traveling band called 'The Counts' for two years after high school. I then entered the Air Force for four years, serving in Vietnam, Libya and Germany. Afterward, I started college and received a B.S. (1976) and M.A.T. (1977) at Winthrop Univ. in South Carolina. I then attended Clemson Univ. where I received a M.S. in Soil Microbiology (1979) and a Ph.D. in Marine Microbiology (1981). I studied the interactions among microbes and seagrasses for over 20 years while at Clemson and teaching at the Univ. of SC. Now I am primarily studying the interactions between microbes and corals."

Dr. Smith is the author of a number of publications. Here are a few:

  • G.W. Smith, L.D. Ives, I.A. Nagelkerken and K.B. Ritchie. Caribbean Sea Fan Mortalities. Nature 383:487, 1996.

  • I. Nagelkerken, K. Bucan, G.W. Smith, D. Harvell, K. Bonair, P. Bush, J. Garzon-Ferreira, L. Botero, P. Gayle, C. Heberer, C. Petrovic, L. Pors and P. Yoshioka. Effects of a Wide- spread Disease in Caribbean Sea Fans: II. Patterns of infection and tissue loss. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 160:255-263. 1997.

  • Cervino, J.M. and G.W. Smith. Corals in Peril. Ocean Realm, 42:33-35. 1997.

  • Goreau, T.J., A.W. Bruckner, J. Cervino, R.L. Hayes, I. Nagelkerken, J.W. Porter, K.G. Porter, L.L. Richardson, D.L. Santavy, G.W. Smith, E.H. Williams. Assessing coral reef health. (letter) Science 277: 165-166. 1997.

  • Cervino, J.M., T.J. Goreau, G.W. Smith, K. deMeyer, R.L. Hayes. Fast spreading new Caribbean coral disease. Reef Encounter 22: 16-18. 1997.


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