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by Jon Fiorella

To The Teacher

The following survey may be useful for those people who are currently teaching a bioethics component to their biology course or an entire bioethics program. I have found it works best if the survey is presented to the students on the first day. If the students are confused by the wording or meaning of a statement have them check off Not Sure. Dont explain the meaning of the statement at that time. After you have finished the unit or entire course, give them a clean survey and have them fill it out again. Next compare thepre and post results. Both you and they will probably be quite surprised by the movement in their thinking over time. Keep in mind that a change in attitudes is what education is all about.

The Survey

The following statements deal with bioethical issues that will be discussed in our class during the year. After each statement, please check the appropriate box that indicates your feelings on the subject.

	                                                   AGREE       NOT SURE  DISAGREE
1.  The allocation of scarce medical resources
	is a necessity.	                                1._______	_______	 _______
2.  Animal experimentation is needed if	
	medicine is going to advance.                   2._______	_______	 _______
3.  Genetic counseling should be a requirement	
	for all prospective parents.                    3._______	_______	 _______
4.  Genetic screening will result in various
	new types of discrimination in society.         4._______	_______	 _______
5.  The advancement of science & technology	
	should be controlled by society.                5._______	_______	 _______
6.  Organ transplants will become more common
	as better anti-rejection drugs become
	available.                                      6._______	_______	 _______
7.  Living wills are acceptable to express an
	incompetent patients desires.                   7._______	_______	 _______
8.  A health care proxy is better than having
	a living will.                                  8._______	_______	 _______
9.  Defective newborns should be allowed to
	die if the parents decide this is best.         9._______	_______	 _______
10.  Assisted suicide is an acceptable option.         10._______	_______  _______
11.  Euthanasia should be allowed.                     11._______	_______	 _______
12.  Research using fetal tissue is acceptable.        12._______	_______  _______
13.	  Surrogate motherhood should be
	  outlawed.                                    13._______	_______	 _______

14.  The mapping of the human genome will
	  benefit mankind.                             14._______	_______	 _______
15.  Nutrition & hydration should be considered
	  extraordinary care for the comatose 
	  patient.                                     15._______	_______	 _______
16.  A person should be considered dead
	  when their brain waves cease.                16._______	_______	 _______
17.  The genetic engineering of new strains
	  of plants and animals is acceptable.         17._______	_______	 _______
18.  Organs for transplantation are in short
	  supply.  Therefore, it should be legal
	  to buy and sell them.                        18._______	_______	 _______
19.  Reproductive technologies create more
	  problems than they solve.                    19._______	_______	 _______
20.  Sex selection of offspring should not be
	  allowed.                                     20._______	_______	 _______
21.  The courts should not be called upon to
	  settle bioethical issues.                    21._______	_______	 _______
22.  We should encourage research
	  on the cloning of humans.                    22._______	_______	 _______
23.  Bioethics should be a required course
	  in high school.                              23._______	_______	 _______


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