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What is the best way to choose an Online Project?

First, it is important to find a project that appeals to you and your students. Second, you need to gauge honestly how much time, money, resources and energy you have to devote. Most projects provide protocols which outline what will be required and what the proposed deadlines will be. A contact person for the project can be very helpful in discussing what will be required and when, and in answering questions about the protocol. If it is important to you and your students that the project "work" pretty much as planned, choose one of the more established projects. However, if you crave adventure and are ready to take on some of the responsibility for planning and carrying out a grassroots operation, that can be rewarding. It will teach you and your class a lot about scientific research and collaboration. Word of mouth is the best advertizement. If you know a teacher who has done online projects, he or she can probably recommend one to suit your needs. In the discussion area which follows, we can share our experiences and recommendations.

What are the risks involved in participating in online projects?

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