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Some Online Projects coordinated by large organizations and universities

Allele Project Sponsored by TAFE, an adult education organization in Australia, this project surveys the frequency of one trait each year. Last year it was mid-digital hair.

Boreal Forest Watch A collaboration of Canandian classrooms (Manitoba and Saskachewan) to study the boreal ecosystem and atmosphere.

Cold Spring Harbor Student Allele Database allows students to share PCR data on their own DNA (alu inserts in the TPA-35 gene) and perform statistical tests comparing it with data collected in other human populations. Schools and districts may become members of the program for a cost. Teachers attend a workshop ($250) and places are limited.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Citizen Science

  • Pigeon Watch Students test hypotheses about the evolution of plummage colors by surveying the frequencies of 7 plummage types in local pigeon flocks. Observations of the courstship behavior of the pigeons investigate sexual selection. The data is processed by the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology, and is disseminated to participating classes. A summary may be read online. Materials cost $15.
  • Feeder Watch Participants record the species visiting their feeders to monitor the health of natural populations. Materials cost $15.
  • Birds in Forested Landscapes Students collaborate with scientists to investigate the effect of forest fragmentation on the breeding populations of forest birds. Participation is free, but requires the right location and ability to survey nesting birds twice during the year.

Environet Monitoring A network of students, teachers, scientists, and environmental educators. Sponsored by NSF and Simmons College, Boston. These projects are based in the N.E. United States, but many are open to participants outside the region. Click here to browse the many project descriptions and protocols. Sign-up information.

  • AcidRain
  • BatNet
  • BirdWatch
  • Coyote Howl
  • Insect World
  • Lichens
  • Ozone/Eco-badges
  • Plants
  • Roadkill (Dr. Splatt)
  • Salt Track
  • Vernal Pools
  • Watersheds
  • Whalenet

Fast Plants/ CUE/NASA Teachers and Students Investigating Plants in Space! Compare the growth of FastPlants in the classroom with FastPlants growing aboard the space shuttle.

Global Leaf Collection Share scanned pictures of leaves and plant activities.

GLOBE is a collaboration scientists and educators involving 4000 schools in 55 countries to monitor Atmosphere/Climate, Hydrology, Land Cover, Biology and Soils. In order to participate, schools must purchase the necessary instruments and materials ($500) and send teachers to a free 4-day workshop. They must also provide internet access to students.

GREEN (Global Rivers Environmental Education Network) - provides activities for learning about the functioning and maintanence of watersheds, and sustainability. A rich source of information and supplies for environmental education, it hosts ProjectWET and Econet . Schools in 135 countries are involved.

KanCRN (Kansas Collaborative Research Network) A partnership of scientists, educators and students.

Monarch Watch Help track the breeding and migration of Monarch butterflies in eastern and central North America. Western Monarch populations suffered a crash in recent years. Sitings of their migration and online activities regarding Monarchs in general may be found at The Journey North (aimed at lower grades, but some activities would work for upper grades).

ThinkQuest is an annual contest that challenges Students, age 12--19, to use the Internet as a collaborative, interactive tool. Teams of 2-3 students, coached by their teachers, develop a web page on a scientific topic of their choice. The web pages are judged and scholarships and awards are given.

Online Projects developed and facilitated by AE Fellows

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