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Online Projects developed and facilitated by AE Fellows:

Acid Rain / Acid Snow

Compares pH of rain or snow falling in different parts of the country. In its second year.


Share and compare phenotype data (tongue-rolling, widow's peaks, and so on). In its third year.

Biome Boxes

This is a low-tech version of the Bione Video project. What is involved? Your class puts together a box with physical objects representing your biome and geographical location, but not giving it away. They make clue cards to go with the objects. They make an answer sheet for the clues, identifying their biome and location, which they put in a sealed envelope in the box. Then they mail the box to another classroom. The receiving class has the task of figuring out their biome and location! Your class will receive a similar box (or boxes, depending on how many you send) to decode from another school. Classes can make several boxes as group projects. Contact person: Katie Noonan.


Classrooms share videos illustrating the biome in which they live. In its fourth year.

Cemetery Data

Explore cemetaries and obituaries for clues to human population trends. Based on Woodrow Wilson Fellows'Collection Lesson, "Ghosts of Populations Past." First year of data-sharing on AE.

Classroom Online Anatomy

In this collaboration students create an online medical mystery. They post descriptions of the symptoms of fictitious patients. Students from other schools diagnose the illness and communicate with the authors of the mystery through message boards. The players may give clues, ask questions and engage in dialogue before announcing the winning diagnosis. In its second year.


Join discussions and share activities exploring herbal medicines and lore. Second year.

Fossils Across America

Fill in the gaps in your fossil collection by trading with teachers around the country. Had a successful year in 1995-1996, needs a facilitator.

High School cDNA Project

Participating classes perform restriction analysis on cloned human cDNA from the Human Genome Project. The experiments require some basic biotechnology equipment and supplies, and access to the internet. This project was designed and facilitated by AE Fellow '96, Kirk Brown. In its second year.

Insect Collection

Share insect collections.In it's second year.

Pollen Count and Identification

Sample pollen types and counts as the seasons change and share with other teachers and classrooms in different parts of the country. Pilot project this year.

Project Seti

Based on activity designed by AE Fellow '96, James A. Petrait, this involves collaboration between classrooms and observatories. Students examine real data for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. Join the discussion and visit James Petrait's web page for updates and details. Pilot project this year.


Share water-quality data on a local wetland or body of water. In its second year.

Wolf Spiders

Join scientists and other teachers and students in studying the behavior and biology of wolf spiders. A spin-off of a Science Seminar. Pilot stage of data-sharing.

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