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Keys to Successful Projects Using Telecommunications

Adapted from a presentation by Al Rogers

  1. Make a timeline and provide lots of lead time to announce your project.
  2. Set precise deadlines and let participants know them ahead of time.
  3. Keep participants informed of the project's status throughout the duration of the project.
  4. If possible, try projects out with a sister school first. The first time you try a new project, there are may unknowns. It is always advisable to carry out a small scale practice exchange with a nearby school so you can work out the bugs.
  5. Request collaboration or call for participants by posting messages on electronic bulletin boards. Post announcements at least three times, spaced several day to a week apart.
  6. Give specific information about your project: - location - grade level - contact person - timelines and deadlines - number of responses you want - what you will do with the responses
  7. Send a follow-up thank you message to all of those people who participated in your project.
  8. Distribute a hard copy of your project if possible.
  9. Find responsible students to train them to be part of your project.

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