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What are the risks involved in participating in online projects?

What if you and your class invest time and effort, but never get the final results for the whole project? Unfortunately, it can happen. Because projects are often run by stressed, multi-tasking classroom teachers, they sometimes fail to achieve their original goals. Nearly always, a lot is learned in the process which will help the project run more smoothly the next year. Participating classes should realize that an incomplete or ambiguous result is not failure. These are not "canned" activities. It is wise to choose an activity which has value both at the local and collaborative levels so that participating students gain even if the over-all project falls short. It is important that all project participants receive a status report on the project by the end of the year whether it achieved its goals or not. One goal of the Online Projects Area and Team Leaders is to help ensure that this takes place, and that the whole AE community is able to observe and enjoy the action and accomplishments of online collaborations.

Can anyone start an Online Project?

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