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Biography for Shaun Neill Taylor

Photo Shaun Taylor is Vice President for Product Development at Videodiscovery and creator of Bioethics Forums. Mr. Taylor has a B.S. in Zoology and a M.Ed. in science education. He has taught middle school and high school science. Much of his career has been spent developing science curriculum: first through the auto-tutorial biology lab at University of Washington and then with the hands on energy education activities with the Alternative Energy Resources Organization in Montana. Since 1986 he has directed the development of science laserdiscs and software at Videodiscovery, Inc in Seattle. He has produced more than 30 videodiscs and dozens of CD-ROM software products. Mr. Taylor won special recognition from the New York Film Festivals for the Science Sleuths series and recently was nominated one of the Top 100 Multimedia Producers by the Video and Multimedia Producer magazine. His is broadly interested in using all kinds of technology to improve science education. He is keenly focused on the use of dramatized scenarios such as Bioethics Forums, Science Sleuths, and STS Forums which have the ability to capture students' imagination and provide a rich, yet structured, problem solving environment. He is currently working on a two-year NSF grant to develop an electronic performance-based assessment system which will use multimedia and state-of-the-art software logic to assess students' higher-level thinking skills.

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