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Using Computer and Calculator-Based Interfaces in Biology

Hosted by David Masterman and Bob Goodman During the last decade, science teachers in the United States have begun using computers and probeware in their classrooms. These educators want their students to have the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully participate in our increasingly global arena of science and commerce. However, there is always the risk that the technology will drive the curriculum rather than serve as an effective learning or research tool.

This forum will share knowledge and skills developed by educators to use technology as a tool so that students might better understand both the process and content of science. We invite you to interact with other teachers to share secrets, experiments, tips and experiences about:

Probes and sensors to measure temperature, dissolved oxygen, pressure, pH, and much more.

Computer interfacing
Computers and probeware used as laboratory instruments to collect and manage data.

CBL - Calculator Based Laboratory system
Portable hand-held data collectors, probeware and a graphing calculators used as laboratory instruments to collect and manage data.

Why use Probeware?

Computers or Calculators: Which System To Use?

What You Will Need to Get Started

Computer-based Probeware Experiments

Calculator-based Probeware Experiments

Ideas for Using Probes
Help students develop labs from these ideas.

Join the Probeware Discussion
Interact with your hosts and other teachers in the Access Excellence Teachers Lounge. To post a message, you will need to login. If you aren't already a registered user, follow the registration instructions and join us!

Student Collaboration Projects
Have your students share data with science students from other schools, Fall 1996

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