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Computer Interfacing

The Effect of Alcohol on Biological Membranes

Materials List

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Macintosh or IBM-compatible computer cotton swabs
Serial Box Interface or ULI forceps
Vernier Colorimeter knife
Data Logger lab apron
graph papermicroplate, 24-well
two 2-mL pipettes (or graduated cylinders)one pair gloves
10 mL 1-propanol (n-propyl alcohol)pipette pump or pipette bulb
10 mL ethanol (ethyl alcohol)ruler (cm)
10 mL methanol (methyl alcohol) tap water
three 18 X 150 mm test tubes w/ rack timer or stopwatch
one 100-mL beakertissues (preferably lint-free)
beet roottoothpicks

Here's a text version of what you need to complete the experiment:

  • Macintosh or IBM-compatible computer
  • Serial Box Interface or ULI
  • Vernier Colorimeter
  • Data Logger
  • Graphical Analysis or graph paper
  • two 2-mL pipettes (or graduated cylinders)
  • 10 mL 1-propanol (n-propyl alcohol)
  • 10 mL ethanol (ethyl alcohol)
  • 10 mL methanol (methyl alcohol)
  • three 25 X 150 mm test tubes w/ rack
  • one 100-mL beaker
  • beet root
  • cotton swabs, or Q-tips
  • forceps
  • knife
  • lab apron
  • microplate, 24-well
  • one pair gloves
  • pipette pump or pipette bulb
  • ruler (cm)
  • tap water
  • timer or stopwatch
  • tissues (preferably lint-free)
  • toothpicks

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