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Meet Your Probeware Co-Host....

Bob Goodman

Hunter College High School
71 East 94th Street
New York, New York 10128
(212) 860-1250
email: AERGoodman@aol.com

The use of probeware in a high school laboratory is one of the most exciting developments in science education. I am a firm believer that students learn the most when they do science. To me that means making hypotheses, designing controlled experiments, collecting and analyzing data, drawing conclusions and then taking it at least one step further. Probeware provides students with a tool for conducting sophisticated exciting experiments and this leads to further investigations where students will have the opportunity for self discovery.

I have been teaching biology for 22 years in a public school in New York City. Although my happiest moments are when I am with my students, I have also enjoyed, and spent considerable time outside the classroom developing curriculum. I have written an in house laboratory manual for high school biology and developed a number of laboratories and activities for ecology studies. One of those activities, "The Animal Communication Treasure Hunt" will be described in the April 1996 issue of the American Biology Teacher. In 1993 I received a Sci-Mat Fellowship to develop an interdisciplinary curriculum making connections between ecology and constitutional law. I presented this material at the National Association of Biology Teachers Convention in Boston, 1993. I have also developed a number of materials using insects and in December of 1994 I received the Secondary School Education Award from the Entomological Society of America at their National Convention in Dallas.

More recently, I became interested in probeware and started to develop laboratories using probeware which interface with graphing calculators. I presented some of the activities which I designed at the NABT National Convention in Phoenix this past November and at the T^3 National Convention in Jacksonville this past March. I have also helped design week long workshops using the CBL System in Chemistry and Biology which are to be offered this summer by T^3.

I am currently writing a laboratory manual which will contain 15-20 CBL labs and another 15-20 nonCBL labs. Some of the materials on this forum are excerpted from the manual which is being designed to support a full year high school biology course. It is approaching completion.

I hope that the skills Dave and I have, complement each other and that others will join us. I am confident that we have only begun to discover the creative uses of these most wonderful instruments.

Bob Goodman (March, 1996)

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