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TI-CBL interfacing

Using Graphing Calculators

TI Graphing Calculators can be used in countless ways in mathematics. Our main interest here is their use in biology when interfaced to probeware for data analysis. Users should become familiar with the following capabilities:

  • Entering data on lists
  • Manipulating data
  • Graphing data
  • Making a best fit line
  • Determining the slope
  • Interpolating and extrapolating

Rather than provide you with a lists of keystrokes to perform the functions mentioned above, we would like to walk you through a brief activity which demonstrates all of the above functions. You may want to introduce the Graphing Calculator to your students with this activity. Keep in mind, the real beauty of the Graphing Calculator is appreciated when it is interfaced to a probe or sensor. We will provide some sample investigations in the Applications in the classroom section, but for now, enter the following sample investigation and have a nice trip…

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