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Project Proposal Introduction

You are a member of a genetic engineering team working for BioChange, Unlimited. Imagine that the president of the company, Dr. Blugenes calls a meeting and the conversation goes something like this:

"Teams, we haven't developed a new product since we brought out the mango. If we don't have a new product on the market soon we will lose our investors and be out of business, and we’ll all be looking for new jobs!”

"I challenge you to design a new genetically engineered product and present your ideas for the product within three months. I expect each team to present a product description, manufacturing details, a marketing plan and brochure in a project proposal. If we want to remain competitive,our new product must be available to consumers within the next year."

"Our company will offer stock options, salary increases, bonuses and extra days of paid vacation to those project proposal deemed worthy of further design time and product development.

"The project proposal overview protocol has been already established. Review the proposal requirements before you begin. Please get to work.”

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