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Project Proposal Overview and Criteria

Goal: Your team is to design a product and present your proposal to Energene's company president, Dr. Bluegenes, and to the parent company's, BioChange Unlimited, board of directors. Energene is a subdivision of the parent company and focuses primarily on genetically engineered products. You are seeking to demonstrate your value to Energene as an individual and as a member of the team.

Evaluation: Each team will present a project proposal to Dr. Bluegenes who will evaluate all team proposals and determine what products the company will continue to develop. Your project proposal is a collaboration among individual team members and advisors. Each team member will contribute a job specific portion and all team members are expected to assist in writing other parts not specifically assigned to an individual. Review BioChange's grading rubric for specific grading criteria.

Team Responsibilities

Individual Responsibilities: Your team consists of the following personnel. Each team member selects one job to investigate, fills out an application and contributes to the project proposal by writing a report from the selected career's perspective:

Science report Resume and job qualifications
Legal report Resume and job qualifications
Marketing plan Resume and job qualifications
Environmental report Resume and job qualifications
Ethic's report Resume and job qualifications

Final Project Proposal

The proposal will consist of a mockup of the sales brochure, documentation of the Advisor Committee, an Introduction and Conclusion plus five individual reports complete with resume and job qualifications.

Assistance in Proposal Development

Check out the suggested Internet resources at the bottom of each page.

Review Hints on What to Do.

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