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Sales Brochure

Each team must prepare a mockup or sample sales brochure to submit with their final project proposal. The sales brochure also includes the team motto and logo. The purpose of this product advertisement is to demonstrate to Dr. Bluegenes that the product is marketable.

The sales brochure is a marketing device

  • It should be aimed at the target audience for your product. If the target audience is young men age 25 to 35, then the pictures and words in the brochure should be aimed at them. If the target audience is the legislators of Japan, the brochure should appeal to people in those jobs in that country.
  • It may be prepared by hand or constructed with the aid of a computer and contain hand-drawings, pictures cut from magazines or photographs.

If you are unsure how to design a sales brochure, examine the "junk mail" that arrives each day. Virtually every piece of mail is a sales brochure aimed at different audiences.

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