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E-mail Discussion Groups:

The following is a sampling of the wide range of groups involved in teacher research:

  1. Action Research Mailing List
    Subscribe (include subscribe arlist-l firstname lastname)
    For help contact Bob Dick
  1. Participatory Action Research Network
    Subscribe (include subscribe partalk-l <your name>)
    For help contact Carla Shafer
  1. Teacher Researchers list
    Subscribe (include: subscribe xtar <your name>)
    For help contact William E. Blanton
  1. For a broader list of Qualitative Research Email Discussion Groups Contact:

    Judith Preissle
    Professor of Anthropology and Education
    Social Science Education
    Tucker Hall
    ATHENS, GA 30602-7014
    Voice: 706-542-6489
    Fax: 706-542-6506

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