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Teacher Research Group:

Until mid-march Dr. Bill Baird, University of Auburn is teaching a masters level course for teachers on ways to become a wise consumer of educational research. Among the tasks they will take on are
  1. reading a published article each week from JRST or Science Education and writing up an abstract of it;
  2. reading chapters from "Research That Informs Teachers and Teacher Educators" by Donald Cruickshank, Phi Delta Kappa; and "Research Within Reach: Science Education", edited by David Holdzkom and Pamela Lutz, NSTA;
  3. planning and presenting a proposal for action research in the classroom. They are reading "Action Research: Perspectives from Teachers' Classrooms", edited by Samuel Spiegel, Angelo Collins, and James Lappert, SERVE: Tallahassee, FL.

They are interested in dialogue with others who have traveled similar trails or might have wisdom to share. The electronic mail class address is:


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