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Portfolio As Part Of The Science GSE

  • Conceptual, Extended Multiple-choice together with Short-answer and Open-ended Questions

    In this 45-minute portion of the science GSE, students are asked to show breadth of scientific understanding and extend their thinking. Here students are asked to apply what they know and can do in science by designing experiments, solving problems, and relating scientific concepts to natural phenomena, environmental concerns, or other relevant social issues.

  • On Demand Laboratory Performance Task

    The second portion of the science GSE asks individual students to apply scientific principles during a 45-minute problem-solving activity using common laboratory equipment provided as a kit. Students are asked to present their findings, draw conclusions, and apply their findings to new or even unfamiliar situations.

  • Instructionally-embedded Portfolio

    The portfolio is a year-long selection of student work that provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate what they know and can do over time. Conceptual understanding, student choice, creativity, improvement, as well as revision and collaboration add unique dimensions to this important portion of the science GSE.

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