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Teacher Instructions and Time Line

Interested teachers respond to participation invitation and new participants attend introductory meeting. Work with regional leaders on implementation strategies.
October: Teachers introduce students to the portfolio process, GSE science portfolio standards of achievement, portfolio criteria, and scoring guides. Teachers model "relevant concepts" for students and encourage them to consider many pieces of work for submission. Teachers provide guided practice opportunities for students on how to make meaningful revisions and to communicate a deeper understanding of scientific concepts, not merely to make the document look nicer. Students study the performance standards and scoring guides to learn what level of achievement is expected of them. Teachers may attend the make-up training at the CSTA conference. Get started! Introduce scoring as classroom activity.
Teachers and students begin classroom portfolio implementation and selection. Students begin collecting and revising portfolio components. Students review scoring guides and use them in the selection process. Teachers attend regional network meetings with state leaders to facilitate "getting started" and clarify implementation details. Regional groups may plan other support meetings. Guided practice provides opportunity for students to succeed.
Teachers continue working with students on the review and revision process and help students interpret the meaning of "scientific concept." Teachers continue to provide opportunities for students to practice improving and developing portfolio entries. Practice, revise, try again, practice, revise!
April May: All participating teachers attend the scoring training session. Students will submit portfolios to teachers to provide the first score. More revision, guide students to begin final submission process.
May June: All participating teachers attend the local/regional scoring session to establish a statewide comparison score to ensure reliability. Assign first score before regional scoring session. Carefully read test administration manuals to ensure proper student I.D. procedures.
July-September: Scores are recorded and evaluated.
October November: Student reports and certificates are issued to schools.

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