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Outline of the process

Regardless of the methodology chosen, certain steps are common to all bioethical discussions.

  1. Articulate the dilemma. This may be phrased as a statement or question, but should summarize the problem clearly and succinctly.
  2. Identify the stakeholders in the decision. Who has a vested interest in the outcome? Encourage students to think of as many stakeholders as possible.
  3. Present possible solutions. Again, there is always more than one solution to an ethical dilemma, and students should be encouraged to describe as many possible outcomes as they can.
  4. Rank the possible solutions from best to worst. Choose the one which seems to make most sense to you as an individual.
  5. Explain WHY your choice seems like the best one to you. What personal values are involved in making this decision? Are you entirely satisfied with this choice? Why or why not?

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