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  • "Enola Gay- Rain of Ruin" $24.95, Phone: 800-708-1776
    This historical documentary describes the Manhattan Project and bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is the most objective discussion of this topic that I have seen.

  • "Life, Death and Politics," 60 Minutes, From Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc. Phone: 800-843-0048
    This is the story of a Baptist minister and his wife who have a child afflicted with Hurler's Syndrome, a lethal genetic disease that may respond to fetal tissue transplantation.

  • "The Case of the Frozen Addict," NOVA.
    This video is about 3 heroin addicts who contracted a Parkinson's like disease from using tainted heroin. Fetal tissue transplantation was used to treat two of them, with surprisingly promising results.

  • "Dax's Case" Video Corporation of America, Phone: 908-545-8000
    A graphic and disturbing account of a young man who was almost killed in a freak accident and his subsequent wish to end his life.

  • "The Kevorkian File," Frontline Video, Phone: 800-424-7963
    Documentary about Jack Kevorkian

  • "Better off Dead?" Frontline Video, Phone: 800-424-7963
    Documentary about anencephalic infants and other severe birth defects and the treatment of these cases.

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