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The portfolio is, along with your presentation, the final for this semester. It is the summative activity that marks the successful completion of the work that you have done this semester. It is imperative that you give it your best effort for the four entries because it reflects you and shows what you have learned. This is a rare opportunity for you to have such a long lead time to use all your talents to show a gain in knowledge. You will use editing teams that will help you refine and revise what you are going to turn in. The portfolio that you will be turning in for your final is worth approximately twenty percent of your grade for the semester, so do not miss the deadline. The following are suggestions for each activity


  • collaboration - what is it? This is thinking together to reach an understanding that can create opinions for you to complete an investigation. It is not two people doing an experiment and each writing it up.

  • it is important that you make connections and applications within this entry. Ask for help from me or another member of our educational community if it is not clear. Be sure to document that collaboration.


  • detailed research, with footnotes, is necessary to achieve a high mark on this entry. Choose a topic that you are passionate or curious about or and dive in! Use new references and the reference guide that we have in class.

Open Format

  • in this entry, as well as in the others, it is imperative that you explain the scientific concept that you are dealing with, in great detail and in your own words. Many students receive a low mark because they don't adequately detail all they know rather expecting the reader to know that they know what they know.

  • ideas to use that have been successful in the past:

  • game show - written songs (you compose w/ lyrics)

  • game boards videos

  • poems w/ illustrations flip books

  • copied graphics from textbooks or other sources are not acceptable.

Written Expression

  • you must show and document the growth of your knowledge. The process by which you acquired this knowledge will not effect your mark.

  • evidence of revision should be a minimum of two pre-written pieces, but more is better. Weight is not a factor, but quality and depth of knowledge shown is.

  • on the reflection sheet be sure to tell how the change in your knowledge occurred.

Last Words

  • start early - finish early. Last minute work is a disaster and easily detected and receives a low mark.

  • the reflection sheet for each entry will be my first impression so it must be done completely and with care . .

  • you need to explain, in detail, the science involved and answer the questions completely.

  • if you need more space than is on the sheet you can expand the space, but be sure to include the question and number so the reader can follow what you have done.

due date:
June 13th
no late portfolios accepted
no excuse is valid

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