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About the Author

Anne Frances Buchanan attended the University of Michigan, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Equine Reproductive Endocrinology through the individualized concentration program offered in the Residential College.

At the University of Kentucky, she was a Pre-Doctoral Fellow at the Gluck EquineResearch Center. She then realized her "calling" and obtained a Masters with Initial Certification in Education. Currently, Anne is in her 8th year at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Lexington, KY.

Anne has been the recipient of the Apollo Education Foundation Lesson Plan Award, is an Access Excellence Fellow, was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Summer Researcher and has been nominated for numerous other teaching awards. She is a member of the Kentucky Writing Program Advisory Committee and has played an integral role in the writing of her school's transformation plan.

Anne lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband Jeff and her three cats. She is an avid horseback rider, owns a National Showhorse filly, and has actively shown American Saddlebreds. She also enjoys ice skating and even has a few double jumps in her repertoire!

Article Highlights

Engaging students to think deeply about content
Five Aspects used to Assess Results
How to teach students to read actively and analytically
Critical thinking as an integral part of teaching
Lesson Plan Redesign Format

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