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Engage the students in thinking deeply about the content by showing students that there is a logic to things. It is easier to understand some concept if you get the logic behind it. For example, there are two ways to teach a topic (1) the teacher lectures about the content, perhaps demonstrates, students memorize the facts and then are tested. (2) Opening the topic with questions to explore what the students know and posing problems to be solved. The direct instruction is in how to analyze, evaluate or sythesize and then allow the students to put the two together. To encourage students to reflect on the process furtherHelp students practice the elements of reasoning, assess using the intellectual standards.

The key concept is that to understand an idea, you must talk the idea, write the idea, think the idea into your ìsystemî. It becomes second nature.

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Five Aspects used to Assess Results
How to teach students to read actively and analytically
Critical thinking as an integral part of teaching
Lesson Plan Redesign Format

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