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First, read all pages of this project. Then:
  • Create your Project Plan using the Action Planning Pyramid and Rubric as a guide. Remember, each level on the pyramid builds the foundation for the next.

  • Gather facts. Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to understand tuberculosis and how and why it is transmitted. You will accomplish this by:
  • Think about what might happen if your product were put into use. Consider social and ethical issues that might arise. Determine what other knowledge or information you need by checking the subject matter rubrics. If possible, test your ideas on members of your target audience.

  • Evaluate your product using the exhibition rubric and revise your product. Include any revisions you need to make your plan work.

  • Create and share your product. which provides a way for others to benefit from what you learn.

The subject matter rubrics (see links below) describe what you must learn and be able to do. You may propose equally rigorous alternatives to the rubrics given here. However, any changes must be negotiated with the teacher responsible for that particular subject. Where honors components are not listed, they will be negotiated if you are interested.

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TB PROJECT RUBRICS: English   Health   Mathematics   Science   U.S. History  
Responsible Citizenship   Planning   Exhibition

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