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TUBERCULOSIS PROJECT: Presentation/Exhibition Rubric

Level 2

I will create a solution and provide evidence that my solution would be cost effective and meet the need identified. My presentation will state the problem as I see it and explain my proposed solution. Then I will convince my audience that my solution makes sense based on facts, economics, and social and ethical implications for my target audience. My final packet will include all these points and be as professional-looking as is possible using equipment available at Serramonte. I will share my presentation with part of the school community and receive response to my work.

Level 3:
Complete all of Level 2, plus:
I will identify and characterize in writing the audience for my product. I will define the purpose of presentation in terms of what I want the recipient to know, think, believe or understand.
Level 4:
Complete all of Level 3, plus:
I will have a "draft" of my product reviewed and responded to by someone with some knowledge about the type of presentation I am creating. I will show that I have revised my product in response to the review.

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