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Project Planning Rubric
Level 2 Using the Action Planning Pyramid as a guide, create a Project Plan. Your plan should include all items from the Subject Matter Rubrics (See Project Rubric links below.) and everything else you need to accomplish to complete your exhibition. It should include a Gantt chart showing what you have accomplished and what you still need to do. Complete the first version by the end of the first week of the Project. Share this plan with your teacher at least once a week.
Level 3: Complete L2 + Weekly, or more often as appropriate, evaluate and revise your Project Plan. Submit all revisions of your plan to your teacher.
Level 4: Complete L3 + Show that you have followed your plan or its revisions. Also show that you have selected relevant goal related activities, ranked them in order of importance, and allocated your time and other resources to finish the various tasks on time.
Honors Your inspiring, "on target" product is finished "on time and under budget".

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