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Katherine Liu

email: kathyliu@ix.netcom.com

Kathy currently teaches Health, Integrated Science, and Web Design at Westmoor High School in Daly City, CA, and works with the Access Excellence website. She has been involved in strategic planning for, and the development of, Access Excellence since its inception. Currently her responsibilities include managing content acquisition, preparing material for uploading(html), interacting with community members via email, and giving workshops. The workshops have focused on demonstrating how to integrate online projects and other information technology into classroom curriculum.

She was one of three teachers who began the San Mateo County Biotechnology Education Steering Committee in the fall of 1989. This Committee established a partnership with representatives from industry, community colleges, the County Office of Education, and high schools to bring recombinant DNA technology and issues to San Mateo County (CA) classrooms. Funded in part by the Genentech Foundation for Biomedical Research, this program, now called the Gene Connection, supports curriculum units with detailed lessons, four kits (26+ crates each) of equipment, supplies and reagents, and training in their use. All four kits are used continuouslys from September through June and often through part of the summer. All public high schools in San Mateo County use equipment, supplies, and the technical support provided by the Gene Connection to do DNA experiments in biology, chemistry and integrated science classrooms.

She is Christa McAulife Fellow and Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Fellow. She used her McAulife Fellowship to develop and test a series of integrated, interdisciplinary units taught by a team of math, science, language arts, social studies teachers. Two examples of these units, Tuberculosis, and Nutrition, are included here.

She was a Lead Teacher in the development of curriculum by the The Human Genome Curriculum Project, Stanford Human Genome Mapping Center. In addition, she has been a District Mentor Teacher, a co-operating teacher for student teachers from Stanford and from San Francisco State University, and has been awarded several grants for her department and school.

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