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RUBRIC: Responsible Citizenship

Expectations of all students for all projects
Level 2
  • has no suspensions
  • demonstrates ethical behavior: honesty, showing respect for others, sharing work equally, doing assigned tasks, caring for equipment and resources
  • works cooperatively with others in class and in school.
  • has at least 70% attendance (including all classes).
  • has 5 or fewer tardies (including all classes).
  • has no cuts (unexcused or unverified absences).
  • has enough items in Responsible Citizen Positive Log to override any problems he/she might have with any of the above items.
Level 3
includes Level 2,
plus student ...
  • participates actively in organizing class activities, equipment and resources
  • has at least 80% attendance (including all classes)
  • has 3 or fewer tardies (including all classes)
  • turns in copy of this handout at the end of the project
Level 4
includes Level 3,
plus student. ...
  • demonstrates leadership skills in all classes. Examples of leadership skills: (a) actively helping other students stay appropriately focused (b) tutoring and supporting other students academically (c) identifying needs in the classroom or school and working toward and encouraging others to work to toward meeting these needs.
  • has at least 90% attendance (including all classes)
  • has 1 or fewer tardies (including all classes)

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