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Project and Product Plan Contract

Name(s) ___________________________________________________________

Project and Product Summary:

  • I will learn about:

  • To complete this project, I will:

  • I will show that I have learned this by:

  • I will share my knowledge with _________________________by:

I realize that I must learn the background information and knowledge necessary to understand what it is I have chosen to study. I will connect what I am learning to my project and to graduation requirements. I must include material from at least three different academic disciplines (subjects).

To get background knowledge during the course of this project I will:

  • Read _________________ and show that I have understood or analyzed my reading (Language Arts)

  • Learn the following math skills and show that I know how to apply these skills to real world problems:

  • Learn the following science(Biology, Chemistry, Physics and/or Earth Science):

  • Learn the American history of:

  • Learn about the following economic principles:

I will demonstrate mastery of this knowledge by synthesis into my final product, by individual written test, or by writing an expository or persuasive paper focused on a particular topic or objective. I will explain in writing, how the subject matter background information connects to the goal I select.

This is an overview that describes my studies from _________________(start date) to _________________(end date). I realize that I may not get credit for items not completed before the end of the school term. See my Project and Product Plan for additional information.

Student signature ________________________________ date ____________

Parent signature _________________________________

Advisor signature ________________________________

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