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Creating Your Own Project

First, some Ground Rules...

A. Product Plan Purpose

Each person (or group) must submit a Project Plan explaining

  • what each individual will learn.
  • how that learning will be demonstrated.
  • how the learning will help to meet the graduation and/or college entrance requirements.

B. Project Plan Requirements

  • The project plan will include rubrics and a time line.
  • Students may use the attached Project Planner or choose an approved format of their own design.
  • Students who do not have an approved Project Plan by the posted date will be expected to do a teacher-designed project. (Be sure to submit your plan early enough to allow time for your teacher to respond and, if necessary, for you to make corrections.)
  • Products must include a provision for sharing acquired knowledge and understanding with others.
  • Time line: You will be given one week for product planning and three weeks to complete the product.
  • Be realistic. Select a narrow enough topic that you can realistically finish in the time allowed.

C. Project Plan Evaluation

  • House teachers will make an effort to spread their time equitably among students in the house. In order to facilitate and verify this, each teacher will maintain a daily sign-up sheet for students to request help. Students who are late for signed time, or are absent, will move to the bottom of the list to reschedule.

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