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Project and Product Action Plan

One successful method for getting anything done is to start with a goal. I will set a goal, decide what I must do to reach that goal, and then develop a time-line which shows how I will reach that goal.

The Action Plan Pyramid

This pyramid illustrates a process. To produce a good action plan or product, we have to understand the problem or issue. Without solid background knowledge, any action plan will have problems. The goal is to move up the pyramid, visiting each level as I complete my plan. I will follow this general guide in designing my project.

Pyramid Keys to Success

  • The Knowledge and Information provide the base upon on which all the rest stands. I will start here. On this project, I have defined the base in the various rubrics.
  • The Analysis and Application come next. In this stage, I will evaluate my knowledge. I will test it; think it over; take it apart; and put it together. I will analyze the information and how it fits with the topic I am studying.
  • The Social and Ethical Issues and Implications section describes what I will do when I am considering the various effects of a particular plan. It is this section that reminds me to consider the social and ethical effects of my proposed solution. In history, I will look at other ways the people who came before us have done things and the effects these had on society.
  • The Proposed Solution is the goal of my entire project. I will make an effort to understand the facts before I suggest a solution. By doing the background work first, my own Project and Product Plan will be strong enough to withstand analysis by others.

My overall outline for the project and product looks like this: I will

  • identify my topic, issue, problem, for study. (We will call this the "problem" I am studying.)
  • learn the basic knowledge and skills needed (I will fill in the Subject Matter Rubrics as appropriate).
  • selectfrom the knowledge and skills I have learned what I need to complete my Project and Product Action Plan.
  • analyze available information and determine how it applies to my own problem. Imagine alternatives. Decide if I need additional information.
  • propose a solution and develop a Product
  • predict what might happen if my solution were put into effect. Consider social and ethical problems that might arise. Determine what other knowledge or information might help me, if I could get it.
  • revise my Product Plan, to include new ideas which I think are need to make the plan work well.

Actions and Activities

The problem I have chosen to investigate is:


My suggested solution will be shared with ______________________________

by means of (product):

Timeline: Goals to be identified at least one week in advance. Use another piece of paper if necessary.

Goals Progress Teacher Signature/date











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