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  1. Create a product which provides a solution to my problem. Include some supporting documentation (charts, graphs, tables, costs to prepare, expected demand for the product, etc.) as appropriate. I will submit my product or plans for my product to someone who might use the product.

  2. Give a presentation to a group of people who are interested in my topic. Presentation must include visuals and other appropriate support materials. Depending upon the topic and the audience presentation might include audience participation.

  3. Write a letter with back-up documentation (such as charts, tables, information, statistics) to a politician, a public policy institution, or an organization working to address my problem, proposing and explaining my solution(s). This letter and its supporting documentation must actually be sent to the individual or organization.

  4. Prepare a newsletter for a group that needs information. The newsletter should be as professional-looking as is possible using equipment available at Serramonte. It should have a variety of articles or information in it, presented in a variety of ways (e.g., charts, graphs, pictures). (I can do a language-specific or bilingual newsletter, which could help prove competency in a language other than English.) Give the newsletter to a community liaison person for transfer to the organization.

  5. Prepare an advertising campaign to "sell" some important information. My campaign might include scripts or screenplays for videos, sample print ads, scripts for radio spots, mock-up posters or billboards, etc. I will have a target audience for my advertising campaign, with appropriate research into why my ad campaign will work with this target audience. I will submit a description of my ad campaign, along with some sample ads and target audience information, to a group that might use my materials.

  6. Write an article identifying the issue and proposing a solution for submission to a magazine. My article will be in the style of the selected magazine and meet standards required by that publication for a feature article. Include appropriate documentation and illustrations including necessary charts and graphs. A bibliography must be prepared. Although the article does not need to be accepted for publication, it must be submitted to the magazine to earn credit.

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