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This project focuses on the changes in American nutrition that have taken place since 1930. Food processing, preservation and transport have changed. Much of our food is prepared differently today than it was in the 1930’s. More foods are available to more people; still, many people are malnourished and some are starving. Yet none of these changes has taken place by itself. All have been the result of technological, social and political changes.

Your task is to identify a specific nutritional problem and propose a solution to that problem. You will then share your solution with people who are in a position to implement your proposal.

The first half of this project (approximately three weeks) will be devoted to learning the chemistry, biology, social science, and math needed to understand basic nutrition, some of the political and social reasons people eat what they do, and some of the reasons dietary habits changed. The last half of the project time will be spent applying what has been learned to nutritional problems.

Action Planning Pyramid

Interdisciplinary Projects   Nutrition Introduction   Nutrition Overview   Nutrition Exhibition  
Audiences & Actions, Problems & Products   Nutrition References

NUTRITION PROJECT RUBRICS: Language Arts,   Careers,   Mathematics,   Science,  Social Studies   Responsible Citizenship   Planning   Exhibition

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