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First, read this entire project handout.

  • Create your own Project Plan using the Action Planning Pyramid (above), and the Project Planning Rubric as a guide. Remember, each level on the pyramid builds the foundation for the next.

  • Gather facts. Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to understand what good nutrition is and why it is important, why we eat what we eat, and how social and political institutions affect what we eat. You will accomplish this by reading Black Boy by Richard Wright; learning how to uses systems of equations; examining the social and political changes of the Great Depression and World War II; and studying chemistry and human anatomy and physiology.

  • Consider social and ethical issues that might arise. Think about what might happen if your solution were implemented. Determine what other knowledge or information you need before you can make a reasoned suggestion.

  • Revise your "product" plan. Include revisions you need to make your plan work.

  • Create and share your "product". This product will provide a way for others have a healthier life because of the solution you propose.


The rubrics which follow describe what must be accomplished. You may propose equally rigorous alternatives to the rubrics given here. However, any changes must be negotiated with the teacher responsible for that particular subject. Where honors components are not listed, they will be negotiated for interested students. Remember, each level must be completed and accepted by your teacher before you can begin work or, or get credit for the higher level of achievement. Any student may do the Honors assignment.

You will demonstrate what you have learned in several different ways. In some cases, you will be required to demonstrate your learning in more than one way. Individual teachers will tell you which things you must demonstrate separately.

  • One or more of these ways will be used. Sometimes you will have a choice; sometimes your teacher will make the choice:
  • Demonstrate your understanding in your presentation at the end of the project.

  • Take an individual written test to show your understanding.

  • Take a verbal test with a teacher.

  • Write a separate Expository or Persuasive paper focused on a particular topic or objective
  • As part of your weekly planning work, use examples from your own work, to explain in writing how the subject matter material you are studying (in all the subject areas) connects to the "product" or Activity you are working toward.

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NUTRITION PROJECT RUBRICS: Language Arts,   Careers,   Mathematics,   Science,  Social Studies   Responsible Citizenship   Planning   Exhibition

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