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AUDIENCE: Select ONE audience from this list, or suggest an alternative.(This list is intended to give you ideas, not list all possibilities)
  • Mothers Clubs, American Association of Retired People
  • Homeless advocacy group,
  • Church groups working to address hunger in the United States
  • Salvation Army, Volunteers of America or other organization addressing hunger
  • American Red Cross, hospitals.
  • Visiting Nurses Association or other group that works with homebound people.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous or other addiction groups,
  • Clinics specializing in eating disorders, prenatal care, teen care or other relevant target group
  • United Farm Workers
  • Elected officials (City, County, State, or Federal)

      • Daly City or Pacifica City Council, our School Board
      • County Supervisors, County Superintendent of Schools,
      • Local representatives in the State Assembly or State Senate;cc to Appropriate Committee Chair
      • Members of the United States Congress or Senate

    Government agencies

  • County Department of Public Health, California or U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Groups of people

      • students, or parents and/or teachers of students in a particular grade (K-12)
      • people who plan to be or are pregnant
      • people with special health problems, homeless people, specific immigrant populations

      Business Community

      • Chambers of Commerce: City, County or State
      • Restaurant associations, Individual restaurants or chains of restaurants

    Food providers

      • School lunch programs
      • Restaurant or chains of restaurants (McDonalds, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box,
      • Round Table Pizza, Fresh Choice, etc.)
      • Meals on Wheels (delivers meals to home bound elderly)
      • Food Not Bombs (a group that provides homeless people with free food)
      • Project Open Hand (feeds AIDS patients)
      • Head Start program (provides food for preschoolers in the program)
      • Churches


    ACTIONS: (Choose ONE from this list OR propose one.)
    • Write a letter (one page minimum length) with back-up documentation (such as charts, tables, information, statistics) to a politician, a public policy institution, or an organization working to address your nutritional issue proposing and explaining your answer(s) to a nutrition problem. This letter and its supporting documentation must actually be sent to the individual or organization.

    • Prepare a newsletter to be sent to a group that needs nutritional information. The newsletter should be as professional-looking as is possible using equipment available at Serramonte. It should have a variety of articles or information in it, presented in a variety of ways (e.g., charts, graphs, pictures). (You could do a language-specific or bilingual newsletter, which could help prove competency in a language other than English.) Give the newsletter to a community liaison person for transfer to the organization.

    • Create nutritious recipes for a food provider. Include some supporting documentation (charts, graphs, tables of food values, disease rates, costs to prepare the recipes, expected demand for these foods, etc.) for your set of recipes. You must submit your recipes to the targeted organization.

    • Prepare an advertising Campaign to "sell" some important nutritional information. Your campaign might include scripts for videos, sample print ads, scripts for radio spots, mock-up posters or billboards, etc. You must have a target audience for your advertising campaign, with appropriate research into why your ad campaign will work with this target audience. You must submit a description of your ad campaign, along with some sample ads and target audience information, to a group that might use your materials.

    • Write an article identifying a nutritional issue and proposing a solution for submission to a magazine such as Shape, Seventeen, Consumer Reports, Prevention, etc. Your article must be in the style of the selected magazine and meet standards required by that publication for a feature article. Supporting documentation, appropriate illustrations including necessary charts and graphs, and bibliography must be prepared. Although the article does not need to be accepted for publication, it must be submitted to the magazine to earn credit,

    • Create a set of very economical menus and/or recipes. Include information to persuade your audience that your menus would be cost effective and would meet the needs of the people they serve. You must submit your menus and/or recipes, along with your analyses, to earn credit.

    Interdisciplinary Project:   Nutrition Introduction   Nutrition Overview   Nutrition Exhibition  
    Audiences & Actions, Problems & Products, Nutrition References

    NUTRITION PROJECT RUBRICS: Language Arts,   Careers,   Mathematics,   Science,  Social Studies   Responsible Citizenship   Planning   Exhibition

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