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 CAREERS IN NUTRITION: Food Production and Food Preparation

Level 2 Select a career in nutrition, food production or food preparation. Ideally this should be related to the project you have selected, but that is not essential.) Describe job responsibilities, education needed and salary
Level 3 = L2 + Find out what is necessary for a person in the position you selected to advance. What education, attitude, skills are necessary for advancement to a job with higher pay and more responsibilities.
Level 4 = L3 + Interview a person working this, or a related field and report to your class.
Honors Consider the position described in Level 2. Describe what it would have been like in the 1930s. (If the job did not exist in the 1930s explain why and choose a time in the more recent past.) Compare and contrast working conditions, education requirements, and salary then and now. Predict how the job might change during the next twenty years.

Interdisciplinary Projects   Nutrition Introduction   Nutrition Overview   Nutrition Exhibition
Audiences & Actions   Problems & Products   Nutrition References

NUTRITION PROJECT RUBRICS: Language Arts   Careers,   Mathematics   Science   Social Studies   Responsible Citizenship   Planning   Exhibition

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