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You can help solve a nutritional problem and get school credit as you prepare some kind of communication product (letter, magazine article, flier, TV spot, skit, video, etc.). The purpose of your product is to propose a solution to a nutritional problem which exists today. See the section of this handout titled "Suggested Problems, Audiences", and "Products"' for ideas.

Once you have selected the problem, audience, and product, you will need to inform yourself about the facts and issues involved. Then, you will need to propose a solution to the problem. Your exhibition will be a sharing of the problem and your proposed solution to that problem. You must share your product with your classmates and with individuals or an organization which is in a position to take action on your proposal.

While working on your product, keep the following questions in mind:

  • What is unique about the audience you are trying to reach?
  • Why should anyone care if they do or don’t have appropriate nutrition?
  • What are possible reasons for current behavior (eating too much, not enough, or the wrong kind of food)?
  • Why would the reader (listener, viewer) want to change his or her behavior and do what your are proposing instead?

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