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Level 2 Your draft product
is scientifically accurate
considers social, ethical and economic dilemmas faced by your audience
is shared with your classmates.
convinces your audience that what you propose makes sense based on scientific facts as well as social, ethical and economic considerations.
Level 3 = Level2 +  


Identify and characterize, in writing, the audience for your product. Define the purpose of your product in terms of what you want your audience to know, think, believe or understand.
Your product has been peer reviewed and revised accordingly
Level 4 = Level 3 +
Your product conveys accurate information and inspires positive action on the part of the reader (viewer, listener).
Your product has been reviewed by people who have worked with your target audience or who have produced similar products and has been revised accordingly.

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Audiences & Actions   Problems & Products   Nutrition References

NUTRITION PROJECT RUBRICS: Language Arts   Careers   Mathematic,   Science  Social Studies   Responsible Citizenship   Planning   Exhibition

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