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Read Black Boy

Level 2 Keep an on-going dialectical journal with entries at least twice a week
Level 3 = L2+ Write an interpretive essay, in which you discuss the role of food and/or nutrition in the life of Richard Wright.
Level 4 = L3+ Identify a controversy or conflict addressed in Black Boy, then

EITHER write an essay defining the controversy, presenting both sides of the argument .

OR write a creative work in which you place Richard Wright in a different time or place showing how he responds to that situation

Honors Write out a typical day's menu for Richard during some time period in Part 2 of Black Boy. Then

EITHER analyze that menu for its nutritional content and evaluate it for Richard's health

OR eat the food listed in that menu for at least 3 days and report on what it felt like to do that.

Interdisciplinary Projects   Nutrition Introduction   Nutrition Overview   Nutrition Exhibition  
Audiences & Actions   Problems & Products   Nutrition References

NUTRITION PROJECT RUBRICS: Language Arts   Careers   Mathematics,   Science  Social Studies   Responsible Citizenship   Planning   Exhibition

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